Conversion Rate Optimization

In a nutshell conversion rate optimization is the increase in the ratio of your audience that takes a desired action. It helps increase sales, click through rates, or other goals of your business. The conversion rate has a direct correlation with your return on investment. The higher the conversion rate, the better your ROI.

The CRO process includes keeping track of user behavior on your website, what they are doing, what kind of actions they are taking and what is stopping them from taking the desired action.

Through CRO you get to understand your key audience and find out how they are responding to your content and what kind of content they most need. The idea behind CRO is to find the customers that are right for your business. No matter how much traffic you get it would be useless without the right kind of traffic.

CRO techniques

A/B Split Testing

Better website ROI 

CRO helps you make the most out of the traffic that you already have. You study your traffic and make content that resonates with them. This helps you get more conversion without having to bring in more traffic.

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CRO will not be your audience base but it will grow your business by converting leads into customers and one then converting them into long term consumers. CRO will help you create a better user experience by studying everything that doesn't and doesn't work for your audience.

You double up on all the good aspects of your website and remove the negatives all together. This will build a trust between you and your customer base which will build brand equity.


Companies analyzed


Market analysis


Content auditing


Customer auditing


Event tracking


In-page analytics

The ultimate goal of CRO is to make your existing leads and acquisitions more valuable. You invest in your leads which first turn into customers and eventually into regular consumers, which consequently boosts your ROI.

 Our team takes care of your whole CRO journey. We like to closely collaborate with our clients so that we can get a close understanding of what each customer wants so we can shape a strategy around that.

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