Fixed Price

Digital marketing champions offer a fixed price freelancing service.

Want to launch your own digital marketing campaign whether it is SMS, QR code, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or even prepare a landing page or a complete website?

Want to understand a report you have just got from a digital agency or have someone help in designing a piece of content for a campaign?

Then call us to schedule a private session with Mohamed who not only works as a digital consultant for some Egyptian and international companies but also some digital agenciesA�and has got a goodA�experienceA�in many industries.

Project Pricing

Digital marketing champions offer project-based pricing as well.

Want a help in preparing a marketing plan for a new product, service, or even a mobile app? Want an assistance in developing and designingA�a mobile app?

Want to run a digital campaign or an agency to manage all your social assets?

Then contact us today for a meeting.

We have got a team of highly talented and customer oriented team members who look forward to boosting your brand and growth hacking your sales.