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Mobile application development is a process of developing software applications that typically runs on a mobile device such as smartphones, tablets and pocket PCs.

With an exploding increase in use of smartphones and tablets, mobile app development is becoming one of the most popular medium of communication between brand and customers.


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How WE CREATE Mobile applications

Our team at DMC has an extensive experience in crafting high performing, feature focused and digitally transformative application for Android and iOS devices. 

We create end-to-end application development through creating customer focused mobile applications that creates sophisticated and engaging mobile experience on any smart device. 

Our 3 step ACTION PLAN FOR mobile app development


Choosing right technology and innovation through in-depth target market analysis to get success focus mobile app strategy for your business.


For app development services, we use customer focused digital tools and create cross channel experiences to meet your customer needs and business goals.


After completing all the process of app design, development, testing and quality check your new mobile app is ready to launch in the online market. 

What we are offering ?

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Android application development


ios application development


website application development


game development


mobile app support and security


mobile architecture and prototyping


development with up to date technology


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’S about 

What is a mobile application?
An application that is specifically developed for mobile devices are known as mobile application.
Why do I need SEO services?

We can develop diverse range of smart mobile applications including web mobile apps development, native apps development and hybrid apps development.

Why your SEO services is better than others?

The approximate time frame for developing an app is totally dependent on the type,nature and complexity of application. There is no exact time frame for mobile app development. However, it takes around 1 month to 3 months depending on project.

Is SEO safe for a new website?

We at DMC always make sure to keep highest level of confidentiality with respect to an idea shared by our customers. However, on our customer request we can also sign Non Disclosure Agreement – NDA even before you share idea with us.

How could a customer interact with our team during product development phase??

During product development phase, customer can easily interact with project manager and other team members via phone call or email. We value contribution from customer end as well.

What is the approximate cost to create a mobile application?

Just like every mobile app is different so is their cost. It’s very difficult to quote a general cost for app development, it totally depends on features and functions which are demanded by customer. Generally a mobile application can cost somewhere from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 100,000 and more. 

What if any modification is required in application once launched?

Our app development team will assist you in every phase of development, depending on type of change required by customer. However, we will charge fee for mobile application modification.

REASONS to choose us


Just like you our #1 focus is result. We’re not the kind of agency that complicates the process but we actually deliver the results that we promise.


Most SEO agencies insist clients on lengthy contracts before delivering results. We offer no strings attached service because we are confident about our high quality SEO services


It’s not always easy to track progress of any strategy implementation. At DMC you will be provided with data of your progress so that you can witness your success

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